Oregon Photographer Joshua Rainey - Commercial Photography Eugene

Thanks for taking some time to view my portfolio! I’ll keep this simple. My name is Josh and I’m a photographer from Eugene Oregon. My specialty? Versatility. I know that makes no sense to a lot of people since there is so much push for specialty in every profession; but that’s me, versatile. I’ve broken my portfolio into four types of work that I feel really encompass who I am as a photographer: people, places, products, and photojournalism. My goal here is to keep it vague so that you can appreciate my photography style rather than my specialty.

If you want to see more of my wedding and portrait work head over to Eugene Oregon Wedding Photographer – Joshua Rainey Photography and give it a quick gander (and yes, I mean the “look or glance” version of that definition, not the “male goose” please don’t give me a male goose, I have three kids and a dog already)!