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You might think that I'm going to start this "about me" section with all of the fancy things you'd expect on a photography website. Like, how I studied fine art photography, digital arts, and photojournalism at the University of Oregon receiving my degree in 2006. Well, I'm not going to start this section like that...

What I really want to do here is give you some info "about me" not about my credentials. My family is made up of myself, my incredible wife (and talented 2nd photographer) Rachel, and my hilarious dog Portia. I love them! In fact, I love people in general. You might hire me as your photographer and gain me as your friend. That's just how I roll. That's who I am.

Beyond that, I like to have numerous interesting hobbies, and I like to be good at them. I play drums, fly fish, cook, hike, drink coffee, design websites, and fill most of my free time with things that make me think. I'm super interested in almost any sport that has existed or will exist in the near future. I don't know how to work on cars but I can talk to you for hours about the nerdiest things you can imagine; like div tags, computer technology, time signatures, etc. Oh yeah, and I use the dot dot dot tag because there's always more to say...

So, check out the new website and let me know what you think.