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/ Philosophy:
Honestly, what do I even say here? There's so much work in this category and it varies widely. We're talkin' music, commercial, fine art, photojournalism, stock, landscapes, pets, etc. I'm available for hire for any of it, and I love photographing all of it.

/ Pricing:
This is such a broad category that there really are not specific pricing details to let you know of. Like the title says, this is all "freelance" work. Since this category is so broad and the type of work varies, I prefer to communicate with my clients first about pricing and needs.

/ Details:
Every freelance project I do is on a contract basis, so please email me at jr@joshuaraineyphotography.com and inquire specifically about how my photography can help your company, band, event, designs, or maybe even a blank wall in your home or office.
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